Meme time 4: url ABC

Instructions: for every letter in the alphabet you type in your browser’s address bar, list the first site your browser auto suggests.

  1. Google Analytics — the stats for this website
  2. Boing Boing — a directory of wonderful things
  3. Cynical C BlogCynicism is an unpleasant way of telling the truth. Lillian Hellman
  4. Defective Yeti — The musings of Matthew Baldwin, Pretty Okay Guy
  5. EvilNickname on Last.FM
  6. Meat Elkaar Online — the Dutch Meat Loaf forum
  7. .god.voor.dommen — Atheïstisch betrokken
  8. [Ervaringen] MSI WIND en Clones – Deel 3 — discussion about the kind of laptop I bought as a present for myself for being able to walk without crutches again
  9. I Watch Stuff — The Best Movie News Ever
  10. Jon Oliva’s Pain forum
  11. Kasim’s Journal — Meat Loaf’s bass player’s weblog
  12. Liliputing — Compact Computing
  13. Forum »­­ General Public and Music Chat
  15. The Rockman Record — The Jim Steinman message board
  16. — Pop Culture News
  17. Google query — knee
  18. Google Reader
  19. Pharyngula — Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal
  20. — what’s on now and next
  21. Uncrate — The Buyer’s Guide for Men
  22. Vaults of Heaven — Dave’s page
  23. —Andy Baio lives there
  24. Xystus — Dutch metal band who made an rock opera I went to see this year
  25. Youtube
  26. Lords of Metal — Monthly metal e-zine with reviews, interviews, concerts and specials.