First lines: Small Gods

Of the six Discworld novels I’ve read so far, Small Gods the best. No contest. It pokes at religion, and while doing so, it comes up with some clever and funny observations, and asks some interesting (if not philosophical) questions.

Like, what if, in a world where the power of  a god is proportional to the number of believers, there is only one true believer left? Where do gods go when they die? Or at least, what happens to them when no one believes in them anymore? Are they really all knowing and all powerful supreme beings? Are they everything the prophets claim them to be? Is the world indeed a flat disc, resting on four elephants, standing on the back of a giant turtle that swims through space? Does the turtle move? *

Small Gods is funny, smart and fun. It’s the first book in many years that made me grab a pencil to highlight some passages.

Terry Pratchett — Small Gods
Now consider the tortoise and the eagle.

* Yes. The turtle moves.