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The reason for the season

Today at 12:04 GMT, the sun was at its greatest distance from the equator. In other words, today is the shortest day of the year. Which is probably the reason why it’s the season to be jolly. Christmas, as we know it, is a fine selection of pre-Christian, pagan rites and celebrations usurped by the… Read more »

First lines: Small Gods

Of the six Discworld novels I’ve read so far, Small Gods the best. No contest. It pokes at religion, and while doing so, it comes up with some clever and funny observations, and asks some interesting (if not philosophical) questions. Like, what if, in a world where the power of  a god is proportional to… Read more »

Activiteit van het jaar 2008

Verder commentaar bij deze lijst lijkt me niet nodig. Dame in bikini? Verbieden! Popmuziek? Verbieden! Houseparty in kerk? Verbieden! Madonna? Verbieden! De theatervoorstelling Donkey God? Verbieden en nogeens verbieden! Zweren op de Koran? Verbieden! “Je moet niet zomaar het spoor op rennen” liedje? Verbieden! Nederlander burgemeester van Rotterdam? Verbieden! Bivakmuts? Verbieden, anders kom je nooit… Read more »

First lines: Let the Right One In

Earlier this year, I was browsing through the site of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, when the trailer for the Swedish movie Let the Right One In (based on the book Låt Den Rätte Komma In van John Ajvide Lindqvist) caught my attention. Usually, I’m not at all interested in horror movies, but the story… Read more »

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Enough already

Hereby I (retroactively) declare a moratorium on the airing of the following horrible and overplayed songs by whatever means for a period of 60 days, starting each year on November 15th: All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey) Last Christmas (Wham!) Wonderful Christmas Time (Paul McCartney and/or The Wings) Christmas Time (Bryan Adams)… Read more »

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