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On my evil nickname

About eight years ago, I was in need of a new alias . The nickname I was using until then was easily misunderstood, quite lame and, for the lack of a better description, totally ‘not me’. After test driving some options — including the über-lame ‘Free Willy’ — I finally came across the one I… Read more »

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For I’m a jolly good fellow

Age, they say, is nothing but a number. As of today, the number is 28. And since presents seem to be an integral part of the whole birthday-shenanigans, here you go.

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Exception to the rule

Every year, I have the same problem: people ask me what I would like for my birthday. Every year, I’d be damned if I knew. Indeed, it’s a luxury problem and hardly worth breaking my pretty head over. I just take it as an indicator that I’m not doing too bad at all. And that’s… Read more »

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If we would know

Earlier tonight, I was watching the documentary Als we het zouden weten. It’s about the neonatology department of the UMC Groningen — the intensive care for children that are born too early — and the decisions and questions about life and death they have to face there. Can we decide for a very small child… Read more »

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Some statistics

My new website went live just after I moved to my new apartment in June. This time, I’m keeping track of my esteemed visitors. Here are some numbers. There have been 1,207 visits from 620 unique visitors, resulting in 2,109 pageviews. People have been visiting from 39 countries, covering all six continents. The five countries… Read more »