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Two things you should know

This week, Last.FM suggested I should listen to Axl Rose & Meat Loaf. As a knowledgable Meat Loaf fan and occasional Guns ‘n Roses listener, that irked me beyond belief, as no such thing exists. The song floating around as being “[King] Herod’s Song” (from “Jesus Christ Superstar”) by Axl Rose and Meat Loaf, Guns… Read more »

First lines: Secret Windows

Let’s see: a post about Jim Steinman, one about Meat Loaf, wouldn’t that mean that another Stephen King one should follow right about now? And by the needle work of Freyja, here it is! Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing contains a wide range of short stories (mostly available in other… Read more »

Story time

For future reference, here’s what happened to me and my knee this summer. Once upon a time, back in 2003, I was sitting on my knees, putting stuff out of sight under my desk. I made an attempt to get up, and failed miserably. My left knee locked up in an uncomfortable position and hurt… Read more »

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