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Another year over

So, ehm, tradition seems to dictate that I should pay some attention to a certain singer today, as it’s his 57th or 61st birthday (more on that can still be found in the archive). I know, I might just as well break with the tradition if I don’t give a damn, but then I’d have… Read more »

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Respect my authority

Roughly translated from an interview in Vrij Nederland with the commander in chief, our minister of defense, his excellency mr. Eimert van Middelkoop: I was very happy that there was a legal way for me not to be drafted. During those two days of the military physical I felt: this is totally not for me…. Read more »

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First lines: Gerald’s Game

A solitary cabin in the woods of western Maine. Gerald lies dead on the floor, which leaves his wife with a tiny problem, as she lies handcuffed to the bed. End of chapter one. Jessie has to find a way to escape, otherwise a certain death by dehydration (or perhaps, madness) awaits. During the remaining… Read more »