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First lines: Fragile Things

Fragile Things is another collection of short stories and poetry by Neil Gaiman. And just like in Smoke and Mirrors, the poetry didn’t do much for me. But as they’re a free bonus to the stories and I don’t have to read them, no big deal. But most of the stories were as wonderful as… Read more »

Not so great minds think alike

So, Geert Wilders (a Dutch politician who single-handedly keeps the bleach producing business afloat) is being charged with inciting hatred and discrimination. I still don’t quite know what to think of this. On the one hand: it’s how the system works. Someone feels wronged by what Wilders says, files a complaint, and a judge will… Read more »

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On the bus

Yesterday, I was going through two weeks’ worth of links, and the best thing I could come up with was a picture of a cat finding Jesus. So, rightfully, I scrapped that draft. This morning, as I was looking through my pile of shirts, I suddenly remembered something that warrants a mention. Three weeks ago,… Read more »


Zij vraagt of ik me vermaakt heb. Ik zeg dat ik niet terug zou blijven komen als dat niet zo was. Daar heb ik een punt. Of ik moet wel heel sado-masochistisch zijn. Je ging toch iets elektronisch doen, las ik? Het laatste nummer dat ze speelde, dat is nieuw en hoort daarbij. En dat… Read more »

Homework report

The last time I’ve read a biology text was over ten years ago. In the first half year of my attempt to study chemistry, some evolutionary biology came along. Three years earlier, when the same subject was taught in a high school biology course, I got a ten averaged over the three test. After that,… Read more »

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