…and a new one’s just begun

Here are some leftovers from last year.

  • Just in from the Department of Things that are Bloody Obvious: Study Finds That Teenage Virginity Pledges Are Rarely Kept.
  • Also: when having sex for the first time on a class trip, don’t send your father a text message. Insert your own fail joke here.
  • There are several proposed First Laws of the Internet, but this one rings very true: If you think some item of pop culture is amusing or interesting, someone, somewhere, has a posted a frighteningly obsessive website about it.
  • Sure, why not: Kissing the Ceiling.
  • So, you’re teaching English literature in high school, but you object to some sexual scenes and strong language in the book you’re supposed to teach. What to do? Well, obviously, you tear out some pages.
  • Mona Lisa, as evolved by a computer.
  • OMFG, otters!
  • Dutch is said to be a difficult language to learn. I, for one, just can’t get my head wrapped around this rule: if a Dutch word ending with ‘-ier’ indicates a person, the plural ends with ‘-s’. (e.g. herbergier ? herbergiers, premier ? premiers), otherwise the plural ends with ‘-en’. (e.g. papier ? papieren, stier? stieren.)
    Particular annoyance? The vampire. Officially, it’s one vampier and two vampiers. But vampiers conflicts with my personal guideline about spelling: if it looks and/or sounds wrong, it probably is wrong. I would go for vampieren.
  • The budget of the Dutch Ministry for Youth and Families exceeds that of, say, the Ministry of Justice.
  • Speaking of the Ministry for Youth and Families, it’s headed by his excellency minister Andre Rouvoet. He’s in the middle of this picture. And I just can’t decide whether it’s a very bad or a very appropriate photograph.