Why I don’t make new year’s resolutions

This year should have been the year where I wouldn’t get worked up about religious stupidity. We’re just five days in, and the Vatican that has once again shown why it’s completely irrelevant in the modern world. Twice.

  1. According to the official newspaper of the Vatican, ‘the pill’ pollutes the environment, causing male infertility.
  2. The Vatican’s lead exorcist says that the global financial crisis is the work of Satan.

The Catholic Church’s rejection on any form of contraception is flat out despicable, and a direct health threat to many people. Also, there’s something I’d like to call the 8th commandment: thou shalt not bear false witness against thine neighbor. So when the Vatican claims that the pill not only pollutes the environment, but also cause male infertility, they violate their own dogma.

And Satan? He’s just the imaginary scapegoat you blame whenever you can’t claim that it’s God’s will without making Him look bad.