Thoughts about this place

There’s no way I’m gonna keep up this schedule. Posting seven days in a row is probably just a lucky streak. Tomorrow, I’m planning to make a cautious return to the volleyball field, so I’m pretty sure I’ve jinxed it now.

One of my plans for 2009 is to write more, and write better stuff. Which means probably better posts here, beter one-liners at Twitter, better emails, better messages on the messageboards I visit, perhaps even better html and css.

It might also mean that I might be inclined to write in Dutch more often. When I started blogging  five, six years ago, I started writing in English because I thought that some of the things I had to say might be relevant to more people than just the Dutch speaking part of the world. Which seems to be true. But last year, there were some issues where I felt it would be more better to address them in Dutch. Which I did. And if the need arises, I will do so again. I might need to figure out how to make it abundantly clear that a post is written in Dutch.

Which brings me to the next point: I’ve been thinking about doing a redesign of this site. It most likely won’t be anything too drastic, but since the Sandbox-theme I’m using provides enough hooks to spice things up, I might as well use them. I also might as well start to break up the text more often with relevant images.

That’s pretty much all I got for now. Your thoughts are, as always, welcome.