Motown turns 50

While I do like an occasional dose of soul, Motown‘s fiftieth birthday isn’t what I’d call a big deal. It is, however, a great occasion to do some no-research, hassle-free blogging.

In September 1971, Motown subsidiary Rare Earth released an album called Stoney and Meatloaf. I’m not going to rehash the whole story—if you’re really that interested, head on over to the Stoney and Meatloaf pages—and just keep it at this: Stoney and Meatloaf is a weird little record, which has it’s moments.
⇒ Download Stoney and Meat Loaf — Game of Love (for the haters, this track is Loafless.)

In 1972 the vocals were stripped from “Who Is the Leader of the People,” a Stoney and Meatloaf outtake, which was then given to Edwin Starr, who had a ginormous hit with War two years earlier. According to Mr. Loaf’s autobiography, his and Stoney’s backing vocals can still be heard on Starr’s version. When Stoney and Meatloaf was re-released after Bat Out Of Hell‘s success in the late 70s, a Meat Loaf only version of that track was included.
⇒ Download Edwin Starr — Who Is the Leader of the People (stereo mix)
⇒ Download Stoney and Meatloaf — Who Is the Leader of the People

And speaking of Mr. Starr and his big hit: on Bruce Springsteen’s Live 1975–1985 box set, a rocked up version of War was included. Its intro, well, still speaks for itself: Because […] blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.
⇒ Download Bruce Springsteen — War