Homework report

The last time I’ve read a biology text was over ten years ago. In the first half year of my attempt to study chemistry, some evolutionary biology came along. Three years earlier, when the same subject was taught in a high school biology course, I got a ten averaged over the three test. After that, I never had to do anything with biology again.

Last year, I felt the need arise to read Darwin’s The Origin of Species, with 2009 being the 150th anniversary of its first edition and all that. So, I got myself a copy, and waited for the right moment to dive in. That moment came earlier this week, when John Whitfield started to Blog the Origin. Following along with Whitfield’s first read means that I have to finish a chapter each Monday, Wednesday and Friday until February 11th. Which is just in time for Darwin Day 2009, which marks Darwin’s 200th birthday.

Well, this week was a bit hectic. I finished my homework for Monday in time, but due to some obligations, I wasn’t able to keep the schedule. Earlier today I finished the other two chapters, and I’ll see if I can finish the fourth one tomorrow, so that I’m back on track again. The first two chapters (on variation under domestication and nature, respectively) were a bit of a bore, but the third one (on the struggle for existence) was a breeze. If the rest of the book goes on like chapter three, I think I should be able to do my homework in time.

More on The Origin when I’m done.