Not so great minds think alike

So, Geert Wilders (a Dutch politician who single-handedly keeps the bleach producing business afloat) is being charged with inciting hatred and discrimination. I still don’t quite know what to think of this. On the one hand: it’s how the system works. Someone feels wronged by what Wilders says, files a complaint, and a judge will have to see of the case has any merit. On the other hand: freedom of speech and all that. Yes, even though I think he’s an xenophobic islamophobe whose actions only worsen the problem he’s railing against, he should be free to say what he wants. But this post isn’t about that.

Today, De Volkskrant reported that Gerard Spong (an attorney who is one of the people who filed the complaints against Wilders) received hundreds of hateful emails, including many death threats, from Wilders’ supporters and has now requested personal protection. According to their sources, the court of law that ordered Wilders’ prosecution also received a fair share of hatemail, but they their only comment is ‘no comment.’

Well, color me flabbergasted.

Wilders needs bodyguards to protect his safety after he received many death threats for everything he said about Islam. As with any religion, some followers of this religion of peace don’t seem to practice what is preached. I find such threats outrageous and repulsive. But what completely boggles my mind, is that Wilders’ supporters stoop to same level. Can they really be so stupid that they don’t see they’re being just as intolerant and violent as the people their great leader goes on and on about?

Being Mr. Reasonable, Wilders has now rejected those threats against Spong in the strongest possible terms. What else can he do when his constituency does the same to his opponents as his opponents do to him?

The only upside I can see in this crapdamned mess, is that a part of the Wilders-fanclan has revealed themselves to be a bunch of ethically corrupt and hypocritical nutjobs.