Listen closely

Yesterday, I once again found myself sitting in a theater. As they aren’t common locations for pop/rock concerts over, I started to think that over, and came to the conclusion that I quite like ’em. (Which may be a function of my musical preferences becoming much more mellow.) In the theater, people tend to sit down, shut up and listen. And for someone who doesn’t need to be in the front row and who finds annoying people who annoyingly talk through entire performances very annoying, that’s a blessing. Sure, there are some downsides: sometimes there’s no space to put my legs, you may end up in a crappy seat, there’s no getting away from annoying neighbors, but all in all, nothing I can’t handle.

And yesterday, everything seemed to come together. I had a good seat (lots of room to put my legs in, clear view of the stage, just bit too far to the side for my liking), the sound was great and the band played a fine selection of songs from their current and upcoming album, a song from the album they’re planning to make, and some oldies in a different arrangements. They should play unplugged more often.

BLØF — Alles is liefde (akoestisch)
Seen live
BLØF at the Beatrix Theater, Utrecht on February 9, 2009.
Donker hart / Als dit alles over is / Van veraf was het zo mooi / Eilanden / Mooie dag / Streep mijn naam maar weg / Misschien tot morgen / Dansen aan zee / Zo mooi zo mooi / Blauwe ruis // Alles is liefde / Vreemde wegen / Vandaag / Midzomernacht / Meer van jou / Overgave / Omarm / Aanzoek zonder ringen / Eilanden 2 // Encore: Een manier om thuis te komen / Mens / Aan de kust // Encore 2: Zaterdag / Gelukkig