Yesterday, I went to see Anneke van Giersbergen with her band Agua de Annique in Amsterdam, which was an acoustic, ‘special show’ to present her new album Pure Air. After she left The Gathering, I didn’t quite pay attention to what she was doing. I knew she had released an Agua de Annique album, but I didn’t check it out. Apart from two spins of the new album (which is all acoustic, very mellow, singer/songwriter-ish and loaded with guest appearances), I knew nothing, and I had no expectations going in.

I wasn’t disappointed. Anneke has a great voice, most of the guests from the album showed up—Niels Geusebroek (Silkstone), Marike Jager, Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) and Kyteman—and it was very mellow. So mellow, that I think that a theater would have been preferable to a noisy club. But hey, I’m like that.

My personal highlights of the show were “What’s the Reason?” with Niels Geusebroek and the Frenk Cuffs cover “Wild Flowers.”

Agua de Annique — Wild Flowers (live at Doornroosje, 2008-11-27)
Seen live
Anneke van Giersbergen with Agua de Annique at Melkweg, Amsterdam on Febrary 12, 2009
Set list
My Electricity / My Girl / Beautiful One (with Niels Geusebroek) / Trail of Grief / Nu Nog / Day after Yesterday (with Marieke Jager) / The Quicksand / Yalin / Somewhere (with Sharon den Adel) / Wild Flowers / Sunken Soldiers Ball / What’s The Reason? (with Niels Geusebroek) / Ironic / Come Wander With Me (with Kyteman) / Sorry (Kyteman) / Lost&Found / Notthemostprettygirl // Encore: Witnesses / The Blower’s Daughter / The Power of Love