Brilliant songs

Of the three concerts I saw this week, the last one, a balladeer at P60, was my favorite. Not that there was anything wrong with the others, but given the sheer amount of fun I had last night, well, it takes the cake.

And since I can’t think of anything useful to say about my two time album of the year winners, the support act or the surprise guest appearance of Dolf Jansen, except that they all rocked, here’s a live performance of their latest single:

a balladeer with Dolf Jansen and Charlie Dée — KLM naar California (live @ P60)
Seen live
a balladeer + Charlie Dée at P60, Amstelveen, february 14, 2009
Approximate set list
Welcome To Vegas / Jesus Doesn’t Love Me / Fortune Teller / Superman Can’t Move His Legs (with Charlie Dée) / When Dean Was The Man (And Monroe Always Smiled) / Nightmare On Elm Street / Sirens / Poster Child / Robin II / Blank / Plan B / Mary Had a Secret //10 Things to Win You Over / Alright, Mr. DeMille / KLM naar Californië (with Dolf Jansen and Charlie Dée) / Herbst // Swim With Sam / America, America