For those of you who don’t read Dutch and wonder what I was going on about, well, here’s a summary:

Non Sequitur

Non Sequitur by Wiley.

It captures this week flurry about creationism in The Netherlands perfectly. The creationists know with what conclusion they want to end up (i.e., their god created the heaven and the earth 6,000 years go in six times 24 hours, and evolution is false), and evidence be damned on their way to get there.

Kottke linked to an article on the desuckification of museums. As he said, the advice applies equally well to troubled magazines, newspapers, companies, and the like. While I do not think of this website as being in trouble, this part resonated with me:

Be really good at what you’re interested in and other people who are also interested in that will get excited and involved. Be really good at what you’re interested in and other people who aren’t also interested in that… will do something else. Let them.

It made me, once again, think about this website. I only write about things I’m interested in, and I try to be good at it. But is what I write better when I write in Dutch or when I write in English? But then I’ve got to factor in what I’m writing about: most of the things I wrote about in Dutch were issues I was not only only interested in, but also passionate about. Sure, I’m also interested in concerts I’ve seen and books I’ve read, but I’m nowhere as opinionated about that as when, say, people start to push their beliefs at me.

I guess I’m trying to say that I’m rethinking what I’m trying to do here. When I know, I’m sure I’ll let you in on it.