Questions, questions

In the web stats for this website, there is a section named keywords. Here I can see what people who were send here by a search engine were looking for. I noticed that a few keywords were actually questions, and that those questions aren’t answered anywhere on this website. And then I though, wouldn’t it be fun to retroactively answer those questions? Why, yes! That would be fun!

So, this is how it’s gonna work: at the beginning of every month, I’m going through the the web stats. If I can easily make a coherent question from a set of keywords (‘easy’ as in adding a question mark, but I’m all for slippery slopes on this one), and if that question isn’t answered anywhere on this website, I’m going to do my darnedest to provide an answer.

To get things started, here are the answers to January and February’s questions.

Q: how long did it take darwin to write on the origin of species?
A: It took Darwin less then a year to write On the Origin of Species. He started on July 20th, 1858, and corrected proofs in May 1859, so he should have been finished by that time.

Q: how to come up with a evil nickname?
A: There’s no magical formula for coming up with good nicknames. The problem with good nicknames is that they should be unique. Does the world need another Satan666 or a Evil_Dead_Chick_17? No, it does not. Be clever, and think outside the box. For example, take something really cute, and make it, like, really evil. ‘Ladybug of Fiery Doom’ or ‘StuffedAnimalGuts’ seem to be free.

Q: how to say jeroen in dutch?
A: Jeroen. (right click, save as…)

Q: origins of the saying ‘get on the bus.’?
A: Beats me. The only thing I found was someone supposing it came from some management book.

Q: what and who turns 50 in 2009?
A: Isn’t this what Wikipedia is for? To name a few: John McEnroe, Morrissey, Suzanne Vega, Richie Sambora, Kevin Spacey, Marie Osmond, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Bryan Adams, Flo-Jo, Motown, the first photograph of the Dark Side of the Moon, the Mini, Alaska as the 49th United State and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Q: what do hand lines say?
A: There are people who are certain that you can read someone’s character from the palm of their hand. The only correct answer to this question, however, is ‘absolutely nothing’.