Questions, questions 2

Questions, questions is the series where I try to answer questions that appear in the webstats and aren’t already answered on this website. So that discounts those questions about how long it took Darwin to write The Origin of Species (about a year), the basic premise of The Origin and its first and last lines, as you can find all that in First lines: The Origin of Species.

Q: What did Darwin get wrong in The Origin of Species?
After I read The Origin, I Googled this myself. What I found was a lot of noise and nothing like a big, definitive list of things that Darwin got wrong. The closest I got was a list of things Darwin did not know about, like genetics and how inheritance works, plate tectonics, the age of the earth, etc.
But does it matter that Darwin got things wrong in The Origin of Species? No. Science changes with new research. What Darwin got wrong 150 years ago does not disprove the theory of evolution as it stands today. Which brings us to the next question:

Q: What arguments are there against the theory of evolution?
From what I’ve encountered, arguments against the theory of evolution are either based on a severe misunderstanding of how evolution works, or on the assumption that “God did it.” There are no valid, scientific arguments that disprove the theory of evolution. If there were, it would have been big news.

Q: Did I live before this life?
As far as I know, there’s no scientific proof for reincarnation. So I think it’s safe to say that no, you did not live before this life. But in case I am wrong about that, you can find out what you will return as the next time around with at the Reincarnation Station.

Q: What did you need to be a prime minister?
This question came from Canada, and there you only need to be a Canadian citizen. More can be found in Wikipedia.