Seen live: a balladeer, Lebbis

Sometimes, a movieclip says more than a thousand words.

a balladeer — Winterschläfer (live at De Kelder)
Seen live
a balladeer + Charlie Dée at De Kelder, Amersfoort, april 10, 2009
Set list a balladeer
Welcome To Vegas / Jesus Doesn’t Love Me / Fortune Teller / Superman Can’t Move His Legs (with Charlie Dée) / When Dean Was The Man (And Monroe Always Smiled) / Nightmare On Elm Street / Sirens / Poster Child / Robin II / Blank / Mary Had a Secret / Plan B // Encore: Winterschläfer / Alright, Mr. DeMille / Oh, California (with Charlie Dée) / Herbst // Encore 2: Swim With Sam / America, America


When you try to describe what made a show hilariously funny, it’s usually nowhere near as convincing or funny as when you saw it. Besides that, as you can also see above, I’m a crap reviewer. So you’ll understand why I can’t say anything useful about Hoe laat begint het schieten by Lebbis.

Seen live
Lebbis, Hoe laat begint het schieten at De Flint, Amersfoort on april 18, 2009