Questions, questions

So I’m pulling the plug on this feature. While I still think that in theory it could provide some interesting content, it turns out that over here in the real world, there aren’t that many unanswered questions to be found in the web stats.

When there’s a question, if often falls in the same category: Darwin and evolution. And I’ve found that most of the time, those questions aren’t even worth answering. I mean, you can ask what the best argument against evolution is. But you can’t really answer that question, as science isn’t interested in arguments but in evidence.

And sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Like when the question “What are the seven promises of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular?” turned up. I don’t care. Really. I don’t. Just read those damn books.

To salvage this post somewhat, I’m going to expand the keywords ‘release la derniere volonte laat me’ into the question “Where can I find ‘Laat me (Ma dernière volonté)’?”, assume that it’s the version by Wende they’re after, so I can answer it by saying it’s on the DVD that comes with her latest release Chante, and include the video. Just because I happen to love everything about that song.

So, that’s it for this feature in the regular programming. It might make a comeback if a question worth pursuing presents itself, but until then, don’t hold your breath.