Seen live: Jon Oliva’s Pain

Yesterday I saw Jon Oliva’s Pain live for the third time. And unlike the first two times, I wasn’t totally into it. There’s probably three reasons for that: transportation issues; technical difficulties on stage, which meant that Jon Oliva sat behind his piano all the time; and the setlist, which was very similar to last years gig.

Not that it was a bad gig, far from it. It just didn’t get to me.

Seen live
Jon Oliva’s Pain, Masterstroke + Age of Evil at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer on May 31, 2009
Setlist JOP
City Beneath the Surface / Sirens / Through the Eyes of the King / Tonight He Grins Again / Of Rage and War / Chance / Maniacal Renderings / Stories / Gutter Ballet / Firefly / Hounds / Believe / Heal My Soul / Hall of the Mountain King