Whine and cheese

The latest outbreak of religiously inspired stupidity in The Netherlands roughly boils down to this: the highest judiciary advisory committee has said that it should be legal for (state-funded) schools to fire homosexual teachers if homosexuality doesn’t go well with what’s being said in their holy book of choice. Yesterday, I was planning to whine about that some more, but then I got distracted and nothing came of it.

For today, I was planning to fulminate against all those people who voted for Geert Wilders in last week’s European election. If he gets more votes then all other candidates on his list combined, even when he made it fairly clear that he wasn’t going to sit in the European Parliament, well, that would just confirms that the Partij voor de Vrijheid is just the Geert Wilders one man show. But then the Kiesraad announced the official results this morning, and to my surprise he got about 50 thousand votes less then the number one on his list. So that was today’s post down the drain.

So here’s what I got to complain about today: when you take group reservations at a restaurant and give those groups a pre-set menu to choose from, at least have the decency to be a bit creative with your options. I mean, Melon and ham, smoked salmon, carpaccio and French onion-soup are hardly inspired choices for the entrees. The main courses and deserts are just as cheesy as the cheese platter they offer.