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Link dump sunday

Presented without further comment. On account of my thing for libraries: if I ever visit Yale university, I need to check out the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library lists the 10 best bookshops in the world. The title says it all: 10 Christ-like Figures Who Pre-Date Jesus Pixar’s thirteenth movie will finally be… Read more »

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Whine and cheese

The latest outbreak of religiously inspired stupidity in The Netherlands roughly boils down to this: the highest judiciary advisory committee has said that it should be legal for (state-funded) schools to fire homosexual teachers if homosexuality doesn’t go well with what’s being said in their holy book of choice. Yesterday, I was planning to whine… Read more »

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De Nederlandse grondwet begint met een artikel dat discriminatie, op welke grond dan ook, verbied. Dan moet je als Raad van State niet opeens een regeltje uit je reet trekken de hoge hoed toveren dat je best mag discrimineren als dit van je denkbeeldige vriendje moet. Kunnen we nu [krachtterm naar keuze] eens na gaan… Read more »

First lines: InterWorld

The Multiverse contains an infinity of universes parallel to ours. That slice of the Multiverse that contains all Earths is called the Altiverse, and the powers of Magic and Science are in a struggle to gain total control of it. Now, imagine you’re an average teenage boy with a terrible sense of direction, and then… Read more »


Tomorrow I’m attending a reunion at my old high school. As I was going through the list of attendees for familiar names and quickly Googled some of them, I noticed one thing: there is hardly any trace of anyone to be found. Which surprised me. All my former class mates are in their late twenties,… Read more »

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