Dublin (3)

Yesterday, I would take things slow. Up until 5 o’clock, I succeeded. Before that time I visited the National Gallery (three Rembrandts, a Vermeer, Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ, a painting representing the opening of the sixth seal by an artist whose name escapes me, and more) and the Old Library at Trinity College (forget the Book of Kells: the Long Room is even awesomer in person then on photo).

Then, I headed towards the RDS Arena to see Bruce Springsteen (more on that later). I was planning to take the bus. The only bus heading that way I saw rushed past the stop. So I ended up walking the whole end, which took about 45 minutes. After the show, again, no busses. So I started to walk, planning to hop into the first available bus or taxi. By the time I reached my hotel, my feet were going to kill me.

Today, I might visit another library, I might do some shopping, I might do a lot of things or nothing at all, but the one thing I’m doing for sure is going home.