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Live redesign update

So far, I’m quite happy with the way the layout is progressing. In fact, apart from some minor visual tweaks, I wouldn’t expect any radical changes. The rest of this post is just a to do list. Add a “live redesign in action, beta version, never mind the mess” banner; Rewrite the colophon; Write content… Read more »

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First lines: Heroes of the Valley

On the second day of my trip to Dublin I found myself without anything to read. So I went out, book shopping. That’s when I picked up a copy of Jonathan Stroud’s latest novel, Heroes of the Valley.The book is set in some medieval, vaguely Nordic setting, and deals with an ordinary boy who dreams… Read more »

Live redesign

For those of you who are wondering just what the hell happened to this website: I’m finishing up my new design. Some bits need to be moved around, some bits need a dash of color, and I figured that the easiest way to find out what needs fixing is to just upload the new stylesheet,… Read more »

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Laat ik me in houden

Vorige week in het nieuws: vloeken helpt. Vandaag in het Nederlands Dagblad: Peter Smit van de Bond tegen het vloeken met een relaas wat je, op de erkenning dat vloeken een ventielfunctie heeft na, zo kan voorspellen: vloeken kwetst christenen en Het is sociaal en respectvol om rekening te houden met je omgeving. Had hij… Read more »

A change is gonna come

While putting a new print up on my wall above my computer—which is bound to incite some discussion when some of my friends come over for dinner next week—I realized that I forgot to cross off an item on my 100 Things list: I already own an original work of art. Hell, I got two… Read more »

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