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It’s half past two (local time), I finished both my beer and my book (the only one I brought), and my foot is bleeding like an pig that’s being slaughtered in some freakishly weird religious ceremony. (Actually, a scab came loose and it bled a bit so I applied a band-aid.) Or, in other words,… Read more »

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First lines: The Leap

Before Jonathan Stroud wrote his totally awesome Bartimæus Trilogy, he wrote The Leap. It’s the story of Charlie, who is searching for her friend Max, who has drowned in the mill pool. At least, that is what everyone else says. Charlie just knows that Max is out there somewhere, and she is going to find… Read more »

Ten tips for successful blogging

Lately, I’ve been a bit busy. Too busy to write much, either with this site’s impending redesign (coming along nicely), playing beach volleyball (I suck), sending tweets instead of making stuff up for my blog—or I just couldn’t be bothered. So, now that I found a hole in my schedule, I thought I might just… Read more »

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Yesterday I upgraded the WordPress theme this site uses to the latest version. When I checked, everything looked okay. Until just now, when I rechecked and my fancy layout was gone. So I just punt some fixes in place, and all is almost back to how it was before. I say almost, as I’m working… Read more »

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