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Als ik het RefDag moet geloven (en waarom zou ik niet?) verliep het Elsrock festival in Rijssen afgelopen zaterdag zonder grote problemen. [Link werkt niet op zondag.] Sterker nog, het bleek een zeer gemoedelijk festival dat dankzij alle heissa van Christelijke zijde meer bezoekers trok dan voorgaande jaren. Alle van te voren gemaakte bezwaren zijn… Read more »

Copy *.*

Thursday I got so fed up with shuffling files around on my hard drives that I bought a 1TB external hard drive. The main reason why I needed more storage space is my music collection. Up until some months ago it fitted nicely on a 80GB drive, but lately, well, let’s just say that even… Read more »


Today I was riding home on my bike when Lisa Loeb‘s song “Probably” started to play. And while I’ve always loved this songs to pieces, it just hit me that it might just be my favorite love song. ‘Cause for me, the lyric is spot on: I probably want to hold your hand I probably… Read more »

Fancy fonts for everyone

Last friday I spend some time fixing the font ยน used in the headers, as it didn’t show up in my freshly installed Firefox 3.5 on my Ubuntu-powered laptop, even after I installed the font. Swapping my @font-face declaration for the one found on seemed to do the trick. Today (after reading Zeldman’s piece… Read more »

Embracing my inner nerd

This should come as no surprise: I’m a nerd. I am a book nerd, a web nerd, a music nerd, a useless trivia nerd, you name it. To be precise: I ♥ stuff, and I’m not all too picky in the “stuff I like” department. The easiest example would be this: once I discover this… Read more »

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