First lines: Misery

Paul Sheldon was lucky: even though he was intoxicated while he wrecked his car in a snowstorm, he lived to tell the tale. And telling tales, well, that just happens to be his occupation. Annie Wilkes, a former nurse and incidentally his Number One Fan, pulled him from the wreckage of his car, took him home, splinted his broken legs and slowly nursed him back to health. Then she found out that Sheldon killed off her favorite character, Misery Chastain. And unless he brings Misery back to life, Annie will take real good care of her pet writer …

Misery is one of the very few books by Stephen King that made me a little bit uncomfortable. I mean, sure, Annie Wilkes is no Pennywise. But unlike the eater of children, the devourer of worlds, a completely fucking batshit insane woman with an axe is some evil I can believe in.

Book read
Stephen King — Misery
First line
umber whunnn
yerrrnnn umber whunnn

These sounds: even in the haze.