Embracing my inner nerd

This should come as no surprise: I’m a nerd. I am a book nerd, a web nerd, a music nerd, a useless trivia nerd, you name it. To be precise: I ♥ stuff, and I’m not all too picky in the “stuff I like” department.

The easiest example would be this: once I discover this band or artist that is totally awesome, well, I turn into super music nerd. All at once objectivity is out of the window, I have to know everything there is know, have to have every album and non-album b-side that is out there, dive into the lyrics and liner notes, only to discover some obscure side project that is even more worthy to obsess about. And then the dance starts again.

Another example: I came across a first edition hardcover copy of Stephen King’s Desperation in a local bookstore, which was missing from my collection after I got rid of all my Dutch translations. So I took it home. Then I spend quite some time tracking down a matching first edition hardcover copy of Richard Bachman’s The Regulators, because it looks pretty and I’m a nerd like that.

Consider this post a realization that I’m a lucky bastard: I do things like that because I can do them.