Fancy fonts for everyone

Last friday I spend some time fixing the font ¹ used in the headers, as it didn’t show up in my freshly installed Firefox 3.5 on my Ubuntu-powered laptop, even after I installed the font. Swapping my @font-face declaration for the one found on seemed to do the trick.

Today (after reading Zeldman’s piece on Web fonts) I decided that I might as well go all the way, and add support for IE7+ too (IE6 is dead to me). So I went to again, downloaded their @font-face kit, uploaded the IE-specific .eot file to the server, and edited my ie7+.css file to feed it the appropriate code, et voila, fancy fonts for everyone.²

The next time you need fancy fonts, pay a visit. Good stuff.³

  1. Silkscreen by Jason Kottke
  2. Everyone who is using a browser that supports @font-face that isn’t IE6 or earlier, that is.
  3. This post isn’t sponsored by or anything. I just happen to think they’re awesome.