Today I was riding home on my bike when Lisa Loeb‘s song “Probably” started to play. And while I’ve always loved this songs to pieces, it just hit me that it might just be my favorite love song. ‘Cause for me, the lyric is spot on:

I probably want to hold your hand
I probably want to kiss you
You’ll probably misunderstand—I’ll probably miss you

Lately it seems nothing’s clear
I probably need my glasses
You come in and out of focus
I wonder if you notice

I probably love you
I probably love you
The grass is probably green
The sky is probably blue
I’d probably do anything for you
I probably love you

You probably know just what I’m thinking
You probably don’t feel like I do
You probably think I’m crazy—it’s probably true

Lately everything’s changed
I hardly know who I am
My heart pounds, I can’t sleep
I’ve come to this conclusion:

I probably love you (&c.)