Find Flickr photopage Flickr bookmarklet

Sometimes, for some reason, people hotlink an image from Flickr, without a link back to its photopage. Like the pretty picture here. And sometimes, you’d like to see that image in a different size, you want to know if you can use it in your newspaper, or whatever. So you right click the right-click the image, select ‘view image’ (or it’s equivalent) and then you’re left wondering how the hell you’re going to find what you need when all you got is an url like

As it turns out, it’s pretty easy to find the photopage from that. All you need is the photo ID, and that happens to be the part of the file name before the first underscore. In this case, 3943287897. Put in front of that, et voila, is the link you need.

Of course, it’s a pain in the ass to change that by hand. So I whipped up a bookmarklet (even though I’m pretty sure someone else has figured this out this ages ago) to do the heavy lifting for you:

Find Flickr Photopage

Drag the link above to your bookmarks, and every time you find an image from Flickr without a backlink all you gotta do is right click, view image and hit the Find Flickr Photopage bookmark.

Update 2009-10-12 Well, crapdammit. Apparently, WordPress terminated the link in the bookmarklet at the second apostrophe. Nothing a little urlencoding won’t fix.