Fixing’s library with Greasemonkey

While I love all the data my library, I was missing something. To be precise, easy access from song and album pages in your library to the corresponding artist page in your library. Also, while there is a link to the site-wide artist pages, there is no link to the side-wide album pages.

So I hacked together a Greasemonkey user script that does three things:

  1. It adds a ‘go to this artists’s page in your library’ link to album and song pages;
  2. It adds a ‘go to this album’s page’ link to album pages; and
  3. It removes the ‘remove this artist from your library’ option.

If this sounds too vague for you, you might not need it. Otherwise, you can install the user script by hitting the link below.

? lastfm_library_tweaks.user.js