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First Lines: The Sorceress

Just five days ago Josh and Sophie Newman were leading their perfectly ordinary lives. Then they were revealed to be the Twins of Legend and were sucked into an ancient battle to restore the mythical Elders to their rightful place as rulers of Earth. Basically, Everything Has Changed ™. We catch up with them in… Read more »

Dat je het even weet

Ik ben niet ongelukkig, ik ben ook nooit echt bang Ik maak me wel eens zorgen maar dat duurt nooit zo lang Ik ben zeker niet onzeker, ik weet altijd wat ik doe Ik sta stevig in mijn schoenen en ik ben nog lang niet moe Ik ben nooit ontevreden over dingen die ik maak… Read more »

Social Networks & Me

Social networks are not for me. Sure, I got a profile on several social network sites, but I rarely use it for social networking. I use to keep track of what I listen to and because I ? data like that; I use Flickr to share photos and I Twitter a lot. Among those… & Me”>Read more »

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1000 Words / CC BY 2.0 I’m pretty sure there’s a metaphor somewhere in this picture.

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Fixing’s library with Greasemonkey

While I love all the data my library, I was missing something. To be precise, easy access from song and album pages in your library to the corresponding artist page in your library. Also, while there is a link to the site-wide artist pages, there is no link to the side-wide album pages. So… Read more »