Missing Links

Today, scientists dealt Theory of Evolution a heavy blow with the announcement of a newly discovered dinosaur species. Aardonyx celestae has a “very significant position in the family tree of dinosaurs” because it may very well be the missing link between early bipedal dinosaurs and the massive sauropods.

Now, I know you’re thinking, If this new species is a missing link, how can it be a heavy blow to the Theory of Evolution? I’m glad you asked. *

As you know, the fossil record isn’t perfect. While we should count our blessings with the amount of fossils that are available to science, we should also recognize that there are a lot of holes. Up to now, there was a big, gaping void between the sauropods and their common ancestor with the theropods. While it may seem that this hole is now filled, those critical of evolution will (rightly) point out that it is not filled at all, but merely cut up in two new holes: the one between Aardonyx celestae and its ancestors, and the hole between Aardonyx celestae and the sauropods.

I tell you, this is a black day for evolution.

* Keep in mind, I’m not an expert at dinosaurs, so I may have gotten what comes next completely wrong.