Dio Rocks

Ronnie James Dio is freaking awesome. He’s 67 and he can still sing. His work with Rainbow and Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell is excellent, and what I’ve heard of his solo work is pretty kick-ass too. Tenacious D, arguably the greatest band in the world, worship at his altar. So when he announced an European tour, I had to ge me a ticket for the show in Tilburg.

Today I received an email saying that the entire tour is canceled. According to his wife and manager, Ronnie has been hospitalized and we are waiting for further news. Well, that just sucks.

In tribute to the guru of metal horns, the singer of songs, the, ehm, singing frog, the best singer in Black Sabbath ever, etc. etc., here is some classic and some not so classic but still awesome Dio:

Dio — Shame on the Night (Live in Holland, 1983)

Dio — Push (with Tenacious D intro)