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Missing Links

Today, scientists dealt Theory of Evolution a heavy blow with the announcement of a newly discovered dinosaur species. Aardonyx celestae has a “very significant position in the family tree of dinosaurs” because it may very well be the missing link between early bipedal dinosaurs and the massive sauropods. Now, I know you’re thinking, If this… Read more »

Forget to Forgive

I strongly believe that neither the bible nor the quran (or any other holy book for that matter) is the infallible, unchangeable, revealed word of some supernatural, omnipotent and benevolent super-dude up in the sky. Holy books are made by men, without any help from above. That is why they are filled with contradicting tales… Read more »

Quote of the Day

Whenever someone criticizes Geert Wilders, he states that this criticism is ‘typical left-wing poppycock‘ and that he’s being ‘demonized.’ Every time he does that little cry-baby act, something that Winston Churchill said pops up in my head: Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s… Read more »

Oh, it’s that time again

We’re approaching the end of 2009. And like every year, that means my agenda is, somehow, filled up until halfway through January. Until then, I’ve got three concerts coming up, there’s loads of volleyball, a record fair I’d like to visit, Sinterklaas, a trip to Vienna to see Tanz der Vampire, four birthdays (including my… Read more »

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Eerste zinnen: God is gek

In het kader van (*zucht*) De Maand van de Spiritualiteit heeft (*diepe zucht*) Kluun God is gek. De dictatuur van het atheïsme. geschreven. In dit pamflet/essay vraagt hij zich af waar de zendingsdrang van hedendaagse atheïsten toch vandaan komt. Je ziet de bui al hangen: het inderdaad een aaneenschakeling van drogredenen en andere dooddoeners. Boek… Read more »