Seen live: Charlie Dée

Earlier this year, I saw Charlie Dée opening for a balladeer twice. In between the first and second show I had picked up her second album Love Your Life, and while I really liked her voice, I thought that songs were a bit boring. Which is what I told her that after the second show. She told me off: I should have said that it wasn’t my thing. And, she told me, her first album has a more singer/songwritery feel and I should listen to it at least three times. So I bought a copy and suggested she should write that order down. She did.

We also talked a bit about her upcoming Joni Mitchell tribute. Now, I knew that Joni Mitchell was quite a big deal among singer/songwriters but apart from “Big Yellow Taxi” I couldn’t say I was familiar with any of her material. But, I said, if I would try to catch one of those shows. Which I did. Yesterday.

It was absolutely gorgeous. The show followed the set list of the DVD that was released a couple of months ago. Which was fine with me, ’cause apart from that DVD and Blue, I still know next to nothing about Joni Mitchell. I got a feeling that’s about to change though, as this show made me realize that I really need more Joni Mitchell in my collection. Charlie sung like an angel and told stories about Joni and the why and how of the songs, the band was awesome and I had a great night.

Je weet 't he :) (by evil nickname)

Seen live: Charlie Dée, “A Tribute to Joni Mitchell,” live in Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam on December 5, 2009