Things I Hate About Christmas: Decorations

Why would any sane person put a (fake) tree in their living room and put loads of tacky crap in it? Under normal circumstances, I can just about get the point of having a bunch of candles around. But why, for the love of all things bright and shiny, would you quadruple that amount, just because it’s christmas? What do candles and decorated trees have to do with christmas anyway? And what’s up with those wreaths? Christmas is supposedly about the birth of our Lord and Saviour, not his death. That’s what we celebrate at easter. Also, I suspect that there must be a special level of hell reserved for people who put up lights outside their house too. Now that’s a scandalous waste of both money and energy.

The only pleasure I get out of christmas decorations, is the thought that people who put that crap up have to take it down eventually.