Making a List, Checking It Twice

Last year, I made a to-do list for 2009. Let’s see how that went.

Write more and better stuff.
Check. Last year I wrote 115 posts, this year 197. So far. And if you ask me, there are a couple very good ones buried between the crappy ones.

Perfect my crème brûlée making skills.
Check. While I was pretty happy with my first attempt this year, the batch I made last friday was absolutely spot on.

I’m going to try to keep up the ‘see at least one concert or other cultural event each month’ schedule.
Check. 27 months and counting.

See at least one version of Tanz der Vampire.
Check. So I was going to see Dans der Vampieren in Antwerp last sunday. But then it got postponed until September 2010 at least. So I went to Vienna, and saw one hell of a version.

Finish my list of 100 things I want to do before I die.
Check. Now it’s just a matter of crossing things off that list.

So that’s five out of five. Not bad. Not bad at all.