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Voor de zoveelste keer: mensen, evolutie is een feit. Daar verandert geen foldertje wat aan. Neem de titel: Evolutie of schepping, wat geloof jij? Je kan de vraag net zo goed niet stellen, want die doet er niet toe. Al geloof je nog zo hard dat de aarde plat is, de maan een brok zure,… Read more »

Seen live: Allennig III

As the title implies, Daniël Lohues‘ Allennig cycle is a one-man project. He’s the only musician on the albums, and his shows are just him, a piano and some guitars on an almost empty stage. It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I really got what Skik was all about. That… Read more »

First lines: Kaas & de evolutietheorie

In his book Kaas & de evolutietheorie Bas Haring explains Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to inquisitive people of 11 years and older. And that makes it an entertaining and accessible book that I would certainly recommend to people who want a quick primer on evolution. Haring, who holds the Chair for the Public Understanding… Read more »

Brilliant songs

Of the three concerts I saw this week, the last one, a balladeer at P60, was my favorite. Not that there was anything wrong with the others, but given the sheer amount of fun I had last night, well, it takes the cake. And since I can’t think of anything useful to say about my… Read more »


Upon reflection, “things I did not know before” does not seem to be a fitting title for my category for semi-interesting links. At the time it did, but well, what do I know? Here’s some links. How to keep your metal band shirt blacker than black: Heavy Metal Laundry Tips Two out of Three Ain’t… Read more »

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