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This week’s links

Okay, so I was actually gonna save this list for sunday, but what the heck. In anticipation of Springsteen’s new album “Working on a Dream” (release: january 27th), it’s Bruce Springsteen month at The Screen Door. An instant Sinfest classic: I take refuge in my fortress of knowledge to get away from the scary things… Read more »

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Quick note: I’m just back from my first volleyball practice in almost eight months. As/Unlike* I said I would, I took it easy/went in for the kill. Until I know how my knee reacts, I rate my comeback as You lose at life./Your shipment of fail has arrived/Meh/Epic win!/All your base are belong to us… Read more »

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Thoughts about this place

There’s no way I’m gonna keep up this schedule. Posting seven days in a row is probably just a lucky streak. Tomorrow, I’m planning to make a cautious return to the volleyball field, so I’m pretty sure I’ve jinxed it now. One of my plans for 2009 is to write more, and write better stuff…. Read more »

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Three thoughts

Yesterday I said that 2009 was supposed be the year where I wouldn’t get wound up about religious stupidity. Well, that’s still true. You see, getting wound up about religious stupidity is one thing. Being critical of religion and pointing out its stupidity is something altogether different. Here are three things I’d like to discuss… Read more »

Why I don’t make new year’s resolutions

This year should have been the year where I wouldn’t get worked up about religious stupidity. We’re just five days in, and the Vatican that has once again shown why it’s completely irrelevant in the modern world. Twice. According to the official newspaper of the Vatican, ‘the pill’ pollutes the environment, causing male infertility. The… Read more »