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Quote of the Day

Richard Dawkins, in a message of support to on separation of church and state, and why young people should speak up: Of course, in any civilised society people must be free to believe whatever they want, but this doesn’t mean those beliefs should be automatically shielded from challenge just because they are religious, and… Read more »


A short update from the department of housekeeping. When I started using WordPress, I set it up so that all comments were held for moderation, except those from someone who has a previously approved comment. A couple of weeks ago, I turned off this option, so that all comments should show up immediately.

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Brief aan het RefDag 2: reactie

Vorige week woensdag schreef ik een brief aan het RefDag. Ondertussen had ik de hoop op een reactie laten varen, maar tot mijn grote verbazing lag er vanochtend toch een mailtje van de wetenschapsredactie in de inbox te wachten. Leest u mee? [1] Het artikel wat u las op onze site was een eenkolommer -dus… Read more »

Seen live: Charlie Dée

Earlier this year, I saw Charlie Dée opening for a balladeer twice. In between the first and second show I had picked up her second album Love Your Life, and while I really liked her voice, I thought that songs were a bit boring. Which is what I told her that after the second show…. Read more »


It’s the fifth day of December, which means that it’s Sinterklaas-avond. And because Sinterklaas is ten times more awesome than that fat guy from the north pole, here’s a pretty kick-ass song about Sinterklaas. O, wait, my bad. That was Satanklaas, the most kick-ass song with Henk Westbroek in the history of songs with Henk… Read more »

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