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First Lines: Carpe Jugulum

Carpe Diem: Latin for ‘seize the day.’ Carpe Noctem: Latin for ‘seize the night.’ Carpe Jugulum: Latin for ‘go for the throat.’ In Carpe Jugulum, the twenty-third Discworld novel, Terry Pratchett takes on vampires. Which means he takes the cliches and plays with them. Which is perfectly alright in my book. After all, isn’t that… Read more »

Status Update

Here’s an update of my current employment situation: as of March 1st, 2010 I’m out of a job. Which means that, ideally, I should have found a new job by then. So far there are just a few developments. I’ve had several meetings with recruiters, but none of them haven’t resulted in an interview yet…. Read more »

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Number 69

The last couple of months I came to the conclusion that my Windows XP installation was getting real messed up. Something had to be done. So yesterday I decided that it was time to ditch Windows altogether and installed Ubuntu 9.10. That’s a big fat check-mark next to number 69 on my list of 100… Read more »


Het is vandaag, 16 januari 2010, voor de dertigste keer Nationale Gebedsdag. De organisator van dit feestje, de Evangelische Alliantie, vraagt of men vandaag een extraspeciaal gebed wil wijden aan Haïti. Vanwege die aardbeving. Noem mij een licht-sceptische, atheïstische klootzak, maar volgens mij moeten er betere manieren zijn om er voor te zorgen dat er… Read more »

Major version upgrade

As the great sage Apelad once said, age ain’t nothing but a number representing how long it’s been since you were born (in years). And indeed, this new number doesn’t feel like a big deal at all.

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