Nerd-alert: Webstats 2009

Last year, there have been 4,705 visits from 2,893 absolute unique visitors, resulting in 7,707 pageviews. The average length of their stay was 50 seconds. That’s a bit up from last year.

Those vistors came from 77 countries (one more than last year) on all six continents. Top 5 countries with the most visitors (and last year’s position):

  1. The Netherlands (1)
  2. United States (2)
  3. Belgium (3)
  4. United Kingdom (3)
  5. Canada (8)

Search engines account for 38.04% of my visitors, and once again Google is the most popular among them. Bing is a distant second. A grand total of 852 different keywords has been recorded. Apart from the the always immensely popular searches for a (random) book title generator and evil nicknames in general, the quote screws fall out all the time. the world is an imperfect place. was quite popular too. After that, it’s a blur of evolution and atheism related keywords.

Last year, I pieced together 199 posts. That’s 84 more than in 2008. Compared to 2008, last year’s most popular posts weren’t as popular:

  1. Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place (84 pageviews)
  2. Top 5 Meat Loaf Songs (73)
  3. Foldertjes (72)
  4. Motown Turns 50 (56)
  5. Least Favorite Meat Loaf Songs (44)

But The Book Title Generator 2.0 is still doing quite well, with 789 page views. The only page that gets more visitors is the front page.

Finally, the browser stats. IE is down 0.98% compared to last year. Firefox is down 3.78%, which means that the other decent browsers must be up. And indeed, two of them are:

  1. Internet Explorer (59.45%)
  2. Firefox (31.58%)
  3. Safari (4.10%)
  4. Chrome (2.40%)
  5. Opera (0.96%)

Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are virtually tied around 45%, and IE6 gets 9.83%. Strangely enough, one idiot still used IE5.5. For fuck’s sake.

As always, thanks for stopping by.