There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Wrong

On today’s science page of Dutch news site the following headlines grabbed my attention:

  • ‘Sociale intelligentie van apen overschat’
  • Reusachtige gasstroom is ouder dan gedacht
  • ‘G-spot bestaat toch niet’
  • ‘Levensloze’ eiwitten kunnen evolueren
  • Zonnestelsel is iets jonger dan gedacht

Scientists have discovered that the social intelligence of apes is being overestimated, that a giant gas cloud in space is older that we thought it was, that the G-spot doesn’t exist after all, that lifeless proteins are able to evolve in a similar way to ‘higher’ lifeforms, and that the solar system is slightly younger than we thought.

And it make me once again realize that science doesn’t mind admitting it was wrong, that there are no scientific dogmas and that new evidence can lead to a better understanding of the universe. Go science!

It also made me wonder what Biblical scholars will do with the discovery of evidence that Noah’s ark might have been circular.