First Lines: Carpe Jugulum

Carpe Diem: Latin for ‘seize the day.’
Carpe Noctem: Latin for ‘seize the night.’
Carpe Jugulum: Latin for ‘go for the throat.’

In Carpe Jugulum, the twenty-third Discworld novel, Terry Pratchett takes on vampires. Which means he takes the cliches and plays with them. Which is perfectly alright in my book. After all, isn’t that what Tanz der Vampire is all about?

Update: oops. Here’s the first line:

Terry Pratchett — Carpe Jugulum
Through the shredded black clouds a fire moved like a dying star, falling back to earth—
—the earth, that is, of the Discworld—
—but unlike any star had ever done before, it sometimes managed to steer its fall, sometimes rising, sometimes twisting, but inevitably heading down.