First Lines: Last Chance to See

In the late 1980’s Douglas Adams (author of, amongst other things, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and zoologist Mark Cawardine traveled around the world to see endangered species. Last Chance to See is the book that accompanies the BBC radio series that documented those journeys.

As someone who doesn’t usually read non-fiction—I tend to find most non-fiction tedious, and I’ll only cope with that as long as I’m really interested in the subject—I found it to be quite enjoyable. Which makes me suspect that Adams wrote the bulk of the book. He thought of Last Chance to See as his favorite work, and I can see why he might have though that. As much fun as the H2G2 novels are, destroying the earth over and over again, here he was being just as witty and clever writing about actual destruction taking place in the real world.

Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine — Last Chance to See
This isn’t at all what I expected.