Nerd Alert: Website Stats

A couple of months ago, the demo of a song scheduled to be released on Meat Loaf’s upcoming album Hang Cool Teddy Bear appeared on the internet. In October I took a quick and dirty stab at transcribing the lyrics, and put it on my website. Nothing much happened.

Then it became clear that this song, “Los Angeloser”, was to be the first single. Slowly the demo page started to generate some traffic. Three weeks ago the song made it’s debut on BBC Radio 2. The following day I noticed that for the first time ever my website had over 100 visitors, so I put up a stub for the new album. Since then the initial peak died down, but the number of visitors is up. Before I was terribly pleased with 40 to 45 visitors, now it seems quite steady to be up and around 65 visitors a day.

Yesterday, the official video was spotted on a German site (it has been removed since, probably because of an exclusive deal with Vidzone—don’t ask me about that link, it’s what mr. Loaf tweeted) and tonight the number of visits spiked again. It made me look at the monthly stats:


Graph showing the monthy number of visitors to

I quite like what I see. There’s been a steady increase in visitors ever since I last revamped the site, and unless something weird happens, it looks as if last’s months record will be shattered. Mr. Loaf should release a new album more often.